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Stereotypes of the Signs pt.1 (NEGATIVE)

  • Aries: Aggressive. Probably on steroids. Only knows how to demand things with no regards to anyone else.
  • Taurus: A rock. No, literally, they probably haven't moved in a year. Have never been known to change their minds. Also, food.
  • Gemini: An ADHD weirdo who probably doesn't know how to shut up. Change their minds as fast as they change subjects. Probably have some kind of personality disorder.
  • Cancer: Your mom. It doesn't matter if they actually gave birth to you they will still act as if they did. Passive-aggressiveness galore.
  • Leo: Thinks they're the center of the universe. Secretly thinks they're above everyone. Will cry if they're not in the spotlight.
  • Virgo: Health-obsessed weirdo who spents 99% of the day cleaning. They were probably born with grey hair. Also, your mother but way more nagging and less likable.
  • Libra: Can't make a decision not even at gunpoint. Shallow as a kiddie pool. Would rather die than be alone.
  • Scorpio: Everyone is scared of them. Unhealthy interest on the occult. Most likely to be suspected of murder.
  • Sagittarius: A clown. Unless, they're shy then they're useless. Also, lazy as hell.
  • Capricorn: Work. Work. Work. Their ambition will crush you. Look like the poster child for normal but actually quite creepy.
  • Aquarius: Crazy and weird. So comfortable with their weirdness they think they're the only ones who are so. Probably have some kind of God complex.
  • Pisces: Have no idea what the word 'practical' means. Would probably end up living on the streets if left to their own devices.


sweet transvestite // tim curry

well, you got caught with a flat wheel
how ‘bout that?
well, babies, don’t you panic
by the light of the night, it’ll all seem alright
i’ll get you a satanic mechanic

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Just breathe, and mouth “goodbye.”
If you want, I’ll give you eternal life.
Well, not so much life, 
But have you ever seen a good zombie movie?
Well, like that, but you’ll be smarter 
And you’ll stay twenty-three.

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